Located in international waters, on the military fortress of Roughs Tower, Sealand is the smallest country in the world.

Project Brief

Modern, Classy and Bespoke

We were tasked by Sealand to take over their website with a fresh, modern and professional approach. A major leap from their previous version was needed to keep up with their large online presence and constant growth. To create a brand-new experience for Sealand fans across the world; one that would bring an in-depth look into the Principality of Sealand that was previously unseen.

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Our Process

After being briefed by Prince James and Prince Liam we had a clear vision on how to execute the ideas proposed to us, although we still had many creative channels to explore.

From the beginning our design team worked on how we could make the website more visually pleasing, whilst providing users with an abundance of information.

We feel we provided the correct solutions to all areas of the brief, starting with mapping out each page with a Wireframe, allowing us to make many aesthetic alterations and break away from the original design.

After outlining what we planned, we provided a full presentation of our ideas to our Princes. They loved the design and were excited to see the development phase commence.

The Outcome

The Sealand redesign uses the harmonious balance of images and content to display better than ever. We thought of ways to keep users engaged and provide them with routes to explore further into the rich history of Sealand. We made the site easy to navigate, helping customers use the site quickly and conveniently.

Since Sealand first enquired about our services, we have enjoyed a happy partnership. The company’s sales increased by over 300% in the first year of our collaboration, with continued improvements every year since, leading to a very happy customer.

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