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Adding a Cover Image

1. Add A New Block

Click the “+” icon to open the block selection menu.

2. Click on “Cover”

3. Click on “Media Library”

With your cover image block inserted, either click “upload” to upload an image from your computer or click “Media Library”.

4. Choose Image

Choose your selected image.

5. Click on “Write title…”

6. Editing Your Title

You are able to transform your title to Bold or italic.

7. Fixed Background

Use the toggle on the right hand side bar to choose whether your chosen image is a fixed background.

8. Opacity

Control the image’s opacity by using the slider on the right hand tool bar, sliding to the left will decrease opacity and to right will increase.

Click the title to bring up the editing options,  click the link option.

9.1 Add URL

Insert your chosen URL to link to.

9.2 Click the arrow

Click the arrow to confirm your link selection.

10. Save as Draft / Publish

Make sure to save as draft or publish after you have finished editing your page!

Updated on 6th March 2019

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