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Adding a Web Form to your Page or Post

1. “Add Form” Button

While editing the page or post, click the “Add Ninja Forms” button on an empty block.

When you click the “Add Ninja Forms” button, a dropdown will appear where you can select your desired form.

Once you select a form, the block will refresh, inserting it within the page/post.

2. Form Shortcodes

Within your page or post editor, you can insert the shortcode of your Ninja Form in order to embed it within your page or post.

3. Append a Ninja Form

While editing your post or page, in the sidebar on the right side of the editor, there is also an option to “Append a Ninja Form”.  Choose your Ninja Form from the dropdown menu to have your form appear at the end of the page or post.

Updated on 6th March 2019

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