Blog Tags

1. Go to “Blog Posts”

Click on the Blog Posts tab on the left side of the page.

2. Navigate to “Blog Tags”

On the same left sidebar, click the Blog Tags tab.

3. Current tags

On the right side of the screen are located the current tags that exist on your website. Hovering over a tag gives you the option to Edit, Quick Edit, Delete and View.

4. Editing a tag

Hover over the tag you want to edit and click on the Quick Edit link.

4.1 Name & Slug

Here, you can edit the name and the slug of a tag. The slug is a URL-version of the name, we suggest simply typing up the name but in lowercase and using hyphens as opposed to spaces. Once you are done, just click the Update Tag button on the bottom right corner.

5. Adding a New Tag

To add a new tag, navigate to the left half of the page and start inputting tag information, starting with the name.

5.1 Slug

The slug is a URL-friendly version of the name, we suggest just duplicating the name with lower-case only letters and hyphens instead of spaces.

5.2 Description

The description field is used to describe the tag.

5.3 Add New Tag

When you have completed adding all the tag information, please click the Add New Tag button.

6. Your new tag

Well done! You just created your new tag! Your new tag should pop up in the list of tags on the right hand side of the page.

Updated on 5th March 2019

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