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Editing an Image

1. Select Image

Select your chosen image.

2. Click on “Edit Image”

Click on edit image to edit your selected image.

3. Cropping your image

To crop your image use your mouse create a box, when happy with the size, click the crop icon in the top left (once a box is drawn the icon will allow you to select it).

4. Rotate the image

To rotate the image use the two rotating tools to rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise.

5. Flip the image

To flip the image use the fourth icon in.

6. Undo or redo

To undo or redo your changes use the two arrows placed on the right.

7. Scale your image

To scale your image add new dimensions into the boxes provided.

7.1 Automatic ratios

When you place a dimension into one box, the other dimension will automatically alter to conform to the aspect ratio.

8. Apply changes

Choose which options you would like your changes to apply to, either all image sizes, thumbnail or all sizes except thumbnail.

8.1 Cancel Changes

To cancel your changes click the “Cancel” button.  To save them click the “save” icon then the “update” button on the far right. 

Updated on 6th March 2019

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