Lists Block

1. Add the Block

To add a block, click on the plus icon in the top left part of the page.

2. Select “List”

For this guide, select the List block.

3. Organisation

There are two types of Lists – ordered and unordered. The default setting for a list is unordered, however if you want to set it as ordered, simply click the numbered order icon highlighted in yellow.

4. Bold

To make text bold, simply highlight the text you want to make bold and click the B icon highlighted in yellow.

5. Italic

To make text italic, simply highlight the text you want to make italic and click on the I icon highlighted in yellow.

To make an item a clickable link, please highlight the item, then select the link icon (highlighted in yellow).

7. Line through text

To cross out an item, simply highlight it and click on the Cross-through button (highlighted in yellow).

8. Additional settings, etc

To access additional settings and et cetera for the list block, just select the three vertical dots icon.

8.1 Remove block

Click the Remove Block button to remove the block if it is no longer wanted.

Updated on 6th March 2019

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