1. Go to Appearance

Click on the Appearance tab on the sidebar menu.

2. Click on the “Menus” tab

Click on the Menus tab in the same sidebar, located on the left side.

3. Select Menu

Using this select field, you can choose the menu you would like to edit.

3.1 Click Select

Make sure to click the Select button once you are ready to select the menu you want to edit.

4. Adding a page

To add a page to your menu, firstly find it on the left menu. You can organise the pages by Most Recent, View All or Search.

5. Add to menu

When you have select the page(s) you want to add, make sure to click the Add to menu button.

6. New Menu Item

Congratulations! You have added a page to your menu. It should be located at the bottom of the menu.

7. Moving menu items

To move a menu item, simply drag it to the position you desire. You can also indent menu items to make them sub items.

You can add custom links to your website menus as well. Let’s begin by clicking on the custom links toggle.

8.1 URL

Use this field to input the desired URL.

Use this field to name the menu item. It will display with this name on the menu.

8.3 Add to menu

Make sure to click the Add to menu button to add your custom link to your menu.

9. Deleting Menu Items

To delete a menu item, firstly click on the small arrow on the right side end of the item.

9.1 Click “Remove”

Click the red Remove button to remove this menu item.

10. Save menu

When you are done adding the menu pages, or organising the menu items, or adding your custom links, make sure to save the menu by clicking the Save menu button.

Updated on 5th March 2019

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