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Set up your new email in Apple Mail

1. Add Account

Open the Mac Mail app, then navigate to the top bar and select Add Account… under the Mail tab.

2. Choose a Mail account provider

In the Choose a Mail account provider menu, choose Other Mail Account… and select Continue

3. Add a Mail Account

Simply fill out your name, email address and your email password and click Sign In

4. IMAP Details

You will be asked to choose account type and input Incoming and Outgoing mail servers. In this guide, we will be working with IMAP.

Incoming Mail Server


Outgoing Mail Server


Then, click on Sign In

5. POP Details

If you choose to use POP as opposed to IMAP, simply select POP in the Account Type select and use pop3.stackmail.com as the Incoming Mail Server as well as smtp.stackmail.com as the Outgoing Mail Server
Then, click the Sign In button.

Updated on 7th March 2019

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