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Setting up your new email on Android

1. Go to Settings – Accounts

In the Settings menu, navigate to the Accounts section.

2. Add Account

Click the Add Account button.

3. Personal Account

Choose the personal account you would like to add – IMAP or POP.

4. Enter email address

Enter your email address in the field and click Next. Then enter your password.

5. Incoming Server

5.1 POP

If you are using POP, enter the incoming server as pop3.stackmail.com. You can also choose whether deleting your messages deletes them from the server as well as your device or just your device.

5.2 IMAP

If you are using IMAP, enter the incoming server as imap.stackmail.com, you may need to enter a port and choose a security type. If such need occurs, please select SSL/TLS for the security type and input 993 for the port.

6. Outgoing Server

For the outgoing server page, just enter smtp.stackmail.com as the server. Then, click on Next.

7. Account Options

The account options page allows you to customise how often your email syncs with the server as well as a few additional options.

8. Finalising Setup

Almost there! Just enter your Account name and Your name and click Next to finalise the setup!

Updated on 7th March 2019

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