Video Block

1. Add the new block

You can either use the plus icon under the title, or at the top left (both highlighted).

2. Select Video

Since we are using the video block in this guide, please select video.

3. Adding the video

You can add the video from your media library…

3.1 Upload

If the video isn’t already in your library you can upload it directly from your device.

3.2 From URL

You can also insert a video directly from Youtube, Vimeo, etc using the URL.

3.3 Enter URL and save

Just enter the URL and save by either pressing the Enter key or clicking the arrow button as highlighted.

4. Alignment

You can align your video left, middle or right using the align buttons.

If your video is linked via url, you can edit the link using the pencil button.

5.1 Embedding

Once you have edited the link, make sure to press the Embed button.

6. Further options

This block has further options. To access them, click the three vertical dots icon.

6.1 Removing the Block

To remove the block, click on the triple vertical dots icon and select Remove Block.

Updated on 6th March 2019

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