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WooCommerce Attributes

What is an attribute?

Attributes are options within a said product, for example, colour, size or material.

1. Click on Products

To begin with, click on the Products tab on the left side menu.

2. Go to Attributes

Then, click on the Attributes tab.

3. The attributes page

Welcome to the attributes page. Right now, we haven’t added any attributes and therefore there are no items on the right side of the page.

4. Adding a new attribute

To add a new attribute, simply fill in the fields on the left side. First one is the name field. Use it to input the desired name for your attribute

4.1 The slug

The slug is used as a reference, we suggest simply using the name all in lowercase letters and hyphens instead of spaces.

4.2 Default sort order

The sort order is the way you want to sort the terms ( more on the terms in a few slides ). This includes custom, which gives you the ability to choose the order, or one of the default ones such as name and term ID.

4.3 Click on Add attribute

5. Click on Configure Terms

The terms are the different options within the attribute. For example, in a “Size” attribute, the typical terms are “Small”, “Medium” and “Large”. Of course you have full control of the attributes and their terms and therefore you can add whatever terms you desire.

5.1 Add new term

To add terms, simply start filling in the fields on the left. Firstly, let’s begin with the term name. For the “Size” attribute, one suitable name would be “small”.

5.2 Slug

The slug is the name of the term that will appear in the actualy URL (link) of the attribute. Once again, we suggest simply typing in the name using lowercase and hyphens instead of spaces.

5.3 Term Description

Use the term description field to briefly describe what the term is.

5.4 Add new term

Make sure to click the Add new term button once you are ready to add your new term.

5.5 Editing a term

To edit a term, simply hover over its name and select Quick Edit.

5.6 Deleting a term

To delete a term, simply hover over its name and select Delete

6. Editing a Attribute

To edit an attribute, simply hover its name and select Edit

6.1 Editing an attribute

To edit an attribute, simply replace any of the information in the fields with the information you want instead. Make sure you click Update once you are done!

Please refer to the attributes section in the “WooCommerce Simple Product” guide to see how to add an attribute to a product.

Updated on 5th March 2019

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