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WooCommerce Downloadable Product

1. Select “Virtual”

Next to the product type, select the virtual checkbox.

1.1. No Shipping

As you can see, selecting “Virtual” has removed the shipping tab, as there is no need for shipping on a virtual item. You may proceed to fill out the product information just like in our Simple Product Guide

2. Downloadable

Instead of virtual, you can make your product Downloadable. This will create a set of 3 extra fields in the general tab…

3. Add File

You can click the Add file button to add the file you want to make downloadable.

3.1 File Name

Clicking on the File name field will allow you to name the file as you desire.

3.2 Choose File

Clicking on the Choose File button will let you upload or add from media the file that you want to use. More on adding images/files to your wordpress website here

3.3 Adding additional Files

You can add more than one file to a downloadable product by simply pressing the Add file button every time you want to add another file.

4. Download limit

You can limit the amount of times your chosen file can be downloaded by typing in a number in this field. Leaving the field blank will let your clients able to re-download an unlimited amount of times.

5. Download Expiry

You can enter the number of days before this download expires here. Leaving this field blank will result in the download to never expire.

6. Follow our Simple product guide

To continue, just follow our Simple Product Guide to finish setting up your product.

Updated on 5th March 2019

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