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WooCommerce Grouped Product

What is a grouped product?

A grouped product is simply said, a bundle of products. For example, a guitar starter pack or a dining set.There is also:

Simple Product

External/Affiliate Product

Variable Product

1. Name

In this field, set the desired name for your grouped product.

2. Description

Briefly describe the bundle.

3. Select ‘Grouped Product’

Make sure to select Grouped Product in the Product data field.

4. Inventory

Make sure to add an SKU for your product.

5. Linked Products

Click on the Linked Products tab to set-up the products you want to group.

5.1 Grouped Products

This is where you add all the products you want to group together.

5.2 Upsells

Upsells are additional products that you can offer.

6. Attributes

Click on the Attributes tab to assign attributes to your grouped product. Our guide on adding attributes to a simple product here

7. Advanced

Click on the Advanced tab if you’d like to add Purchase notes and enable/disable reviews.

8. Assign to category(s)

You can assign your bundled product to category(s) here. More on categories here

8. Add product tag(s)

Here you can add tags to your product. More about tags here.

9. Product Image

This is the featured image of the product. More on adding an image to your wordpress site here.

Use this to add additional images to your bundle.

11. Short Description

This field may display in searches, etc.

12. Click Publish

Once you are done, make sure to click Publish.

Updated on 5th March 2019

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