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WooCommerce Product Categories

1. Go to the Products Tab

Click on the Products tab The ‘Products’ tab is located on the left sidebar of your dashboard. It is where all your online shop products are located.

2. Navigate to Categories

One of the sub-pages of the Products page is the Categories page. On that page are all the Categories of products that currently exist in your online shop. Some of those categories might already have products belonging to them.

3. Your current categories

On the right side of your screen are located all the categories that currently exist in your online shop. You can either search or browse these categories in case you want to find and/or modify one.

3.1 Category details

There are a few category details already on display for you such as the category image, name, description, slug and the amount of items that belong to that category.

4. Add a New Category

On the left side of the categories page is where you can Add a New Category.

4.1 Category Name

Firstly, add the desired name of your new category.

4.2 Slug

Then add in the slug for your category. The slug is the way your category will appear as a link on your website, try to keep it as simple as possible and all lowercase with only letters, numbers and hyphens.

4.3 Parent Category

Next is the parent category select. You can use this if you want to make your new category a sub-category of an already existing one, for example the ‘Accessories’ category. Don’t forget that this will change the link to www.yourWebsiteHere.com/shop/accessories/books

4.4 Description

Use this space to briefly describe your category. It is not a mandatory field, neither is it prominent by default, although it can be shown on the front-end if desired.

4.5 Display Type

Next is Display Type. Display type gives you the option to decide what is shown on the category’s landing page. “Standard” uses your theme’s default. “Subcategories” will display only the subcategories. “Products” only displays products. “Both” will display subcategories and products below that. 

4.6 Thumbnails

If you’d like to upload a thumbnail to your category, click the ‘Upload/Add image’ button next to the thumbnail icon.

To find out how to upload an image, please refer to “Adding a Gallery in WordPress” guide

4.6 Adding the category

Once you have made sure that at least all the required fields are filled in with the correct information, you can proceed to scroll down to the bottom of the ‘Add New Category’ menu and click the ‘Add new category’ button.

5. Your New Category

Congratulations! Your category should appear on the right side with the correct details and thumbnail!

Updated on 25th February 2019

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