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WooCommerce Reports

1. Go to WooCommerce

Firstly, click on the WooCommerce tab on the sidebar located on the left side.

2. Click Reports

Click on the ‘Reports’ tab on the left hand side.

3. Reports page time periods

The area in the red rectangle allows you to select the period of time you’d like to see. You have the options between choosing a Yearly report, Last month, This month, Last 7 days, and even a custom period of time. Make sure to click on the Go button to set the time period

3.1 Gross Sales

Clicking on the Gross sales highlights all the gross sales on the chart, located on the right side of the page.

3.2 Average Gross Sales

Clicking on the second tab highlights the average gross sales on the chart.

3.3 Net sales

Clicking on the third tab shows your net sales in the selected period.

3.4 Average net daily sales

Clicking on the 4th tab show you the average net sales.

3.5 Orders placed

Clicking on the 5th tab highlights the parts of the chart that show you the amount of orders placed in the selected time period.

3.6 Items purchased

Selecting the 6th tab highlights the amount of items purchased in the selected time period.

3.7 Refunded orders

Selecting the 7th tab highlights the amount of refunded orders.

3.8 Shipping Charges

The 8th tab shows you the total amount you have charged for shipping in the selected time period.

3.9 Coupons Used

The 9th and final tab shows you how much worth of coupons was used in the selected time period.

4. Sales by product

Click on Sales by product at the top to look at the same sales chart but sorted by the different products sold.

4.1 Top Sellers

Click on Top sellers if you want to see the chart show information about a particular top-selling product.

4.2 Top freebies

Clicking on Top freebies allows you to choose from the top free products.

4.3 Top earners

Clicking on Top earners allows you to choose from the top earning products.

5. Sales by category

If you’d like to view your sales by category, click on the Sales by category link.

5.1 Select Category

Clicking on the select menu allows you to choose the category you’d like to view reports about.

5.2 Click Show

Make sure to click the Show button to display the stats for your chosen category.

6. Coupons by date

You can click Coupons by date if you’d like to see statistics about your coupons.

7. Customers

If you’d like to view reports about your customers, simply click the Customers tab at the top of the page.

8. Stock

If you’d like to view stats about the stock of your items, click the Stock tab.

8.1 Low in stock

Clicking on the stock tab leads you to the Low in stock page. This page shows all the products that are low in quantity.

8.2 Out of stock

Clicking on the Out of stock link will show you all the products that are out of stock on your website.

8.3 Most stocked

Clicking on the Most stocked link will display the products you have the most in terms of quantity.

9. Taxes

Clicking on the Taxes tab will show you all the different tax codes you have assigned to your website.

9.1 Taxes page

On the taxes page, you can see the Tax name, rate, number of orders, tax amount, shipping tax amount and total.

10. Exporting to CSV

Any of the statistics in WooCommerce can be exported to a CSV file via the Export CSV button in the top right-hand corner.

Updated on 26th February 2019

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