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WooCommerce Shipping Zones

1. Go to WooCommerce

To begin with, please click on the WooCommerce tab on the left side of your Dashboard, where the dashboard sidebar is located.

2. Go to WooCommerce Settings

Clicking on WooCommerce gets you to the Orders page. More on that page here. Please then click on the Settings tab in the same left sidebar menu.

3. Click on “Shipping”

Afterwards, click on the Shipping tab at the top of the page.

4. Your shipping zones

On this page are your shipping zones. You can see their name, region(s) and shipping method(s).To edit a zone, hover over its name and click the Edit button.

4.1 Zone Name

To modify a zone’s name, simply click on the Zone Name field and change it to the one you desire.

4.2 Removing a zone region

To remove a zone region, simply click on the small X symbol inside the region bubble.

4.3 Adding a shipping region

To add a shipping region, simply click on a blank space inside the shipping region field and choose the region you want to add.

4.4 Shipping methods

Those are the ways you can choose to ship your products by. The default options are Flat rate or Free Shipping. To edit a method, simply hover over its name and click Edit.

4.4.1 Method title

To change the title of a method, simply click on the title field and rename it as you please.

4.4.2 Tax status

The tax status select gives you the option to choose whether this shipping method is taxable or not.

4.4.3 Cost

The cost field allows you to specify how much the flat rate is in your website’s currency (e.g. £). Make sure you input your values as x.xx (e.g. 7.77) and do not include the currency symbol.

4.4.4 Shipping Class Costs

If you want to also add a different cost depending on the shipping class (e.g. fragile), you can do so in here…

4.4.5 Calculation Type

The calculation type gives you the option of either charge shipping for each shipping class individually or per each order.

4.5 To add a shipping method

You can also add a shipping method by pressing the gray Add shipping method button.

4.5.1 Adding a shipping method

You can then select the method of shipping you’d like to add. Then, click Add shipping method.

4.6 Save changes

Once again, make sure you save your changes to your Shipping Zone by clicking the Save changes button!

5. Adding a shipping zone

To add a shipping zone, click the Add shipping zone button.

5.1 Zone name

Input the desired name for the zone in the name field.

5.2 Click on Zone Regions

Click on the Zone regions field to get a menu from which you can select the different regions you want to include in your zone.

5.3 Click on Add a shipping method

5.3.1 Adding a shipping method

You can then select which method you want to add from the selection menu. Afterwards, press Add shipping method.

5.4 Save changes

Make sure you save your changes by clicking the Save changes button on the bottom left!

If you’d like to know how to apply a Shipping Zone to a product, please refer to our the Shipping section in our “Simple Product” guide.

Updated on 5th March 2019

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