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WooCommerce Simple Product

1. Go to Products

The Products tab is located on the left side in the Side-menu.

2. Click on “Add new”

Click on Add new to being adding your product.

2.1 Product Name

In the top field, input the desired name of your new product.

2.2 Description

In the large field under the name you can write down a few sentences to describe your product.

2.3 Product data

This field allows you to choose the type of Product you have. In this guide we will be going over a simple product, however if you’d like to see how to add any of the other, simply select your link below:

Grouped product

External/Affiliate product

Variable product

2.4 Virtual and Downloadable

If your product is Virtual or Downloadable, please select the appropriate boxes. More on Downloadable products here

2.5 Regular Price

Use this field to input the regular price of your item (without the currency symbol).

2.6 Sale Price

Use this field to input the price of your time when/if it will be on sale.

2.7 Schedule

Clicking on the schedule link will give you the opportunity to assign when the product will automatically go on sale.

2.8 Tax Status

This field allows you to set your tax on the product, only on the shipping, or with no tax at all.

2.9 Tax Class

This field gives you the selection of three tax classes:-Standard-Reduced Rate-Zero Rate

3. Product Categories

Use this field to assign your product to your already-created categories, or select the Add new category link to create a new category.We have a separate guide on Product Categories here.

4. Product Tags

Use this field to assign tags to your product. Adding a tag that doesn’t exist yet will automatically create one for you.More on tags in our Product Tag guide here.

5. Product Image

You can assign an image to your product using this link. If you’d like to know how to add images to your wordpress website, see our guide here

This link allows you to add additional images of your product.

7. Short Description

This field may display in searches, etc.

8. Inventory

Click on Inventory to select Stock and SKUs.

8.1 SKU

A stock keeping unit (SKU) is a product and service identification code for a store or product, often displayed as a machine-readable bar code that helps track the item for inventory.

8.2 Stock

This field gives you the ability to assign your item as either:

In Stock

Out of Stock

On Backorder

8.3 Sold individually

Select this box if you want to limit this item to 1 per order.

9. Shipping

Select the Shipping tab to access Shipping settings for this product.

9.1 Weight

Use this field to input the item weight.

9.2 Dimensions

Use this field to input the dimensions of the item.

9.3 Shipping Class

Here you can assign a shipping class to your item.
More on Shipping Classes on our guide for WooCommerce Shipping Classes

10. Linked Products

Click on the Linked Products tab if you want to link your product to other products.

10.1 Upsells

Select products in the Upsells field if you want to link your product to other additional ones.

10.2 Cross Sells

Use the cross-sells field to link your product to other, unrelated ones.

11. Attributes

Click on the Attributes tab if you want to add attributes to your product.

11.1 Select Attribute

Use this field to select the custom attribute you want to assign to your product. More on custom attributes in our WooCommerce Attributes guide.

11.2 Click Add

Click the Add button to add the attribute to your product.

11.3 Value(s)

To add only selected values, click in Value(s) field. Otherwise, simply click the Select all button.

11.4 Save attributes

Make sure to save your attributes by clicking the Save attributes button down below.

12. Advanced

Click on the Advanced tab if you’d like to add Purchase notes and enable/disable reviews.

13. Publish

Once you are done editing/setting-up your product, simply press the Publish button to publish your product.

Updated on 5th March 2019

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