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WooCommerce Tags

1. Click on the Products Tab

The ‘Products’ tab is located on the left sidebar of your dashboard. It is where all your online shop products are located. 

2. Navigate to ‘Tags’

The tags sub-page should be visible in the sub-pages under the Products link on the left-hand side.

3. The Product Tags Page

Product tags are very useful for search and filtering. We recommend adding at least one appropriate tag to each item. This will make your item easier to find.

4. Current Tags

The current existing tags are located on the right section of the Tags page. You can see the tag name, description, the slug (more on slugs later) and the count.

4.1 Editing a tag

You want to change the name or the slug of a Tag? No problem, just click the quick edit button.

4.2 Quick Edit

You can edit the name or the slug here, just make sure to click Update tag once you have finished.

5. Adding a new product tag

To add a new product tag, just look to the left column of the Product tags page.

5.1 Name

Just input the desired name for your tag, use something simple, as the tags should be quite broad and therefore, easy to find. Then continue down to the next input field.

5.2 Slug

The slug is the way your tag will appear as part of the URL ( the link at the top of your browser window ) on your website, so try to keep it as simple as possible and all lowercase with only letters, numbers and hyphens. Often, the slug is just a lower case version of the name, with hyphens instead of spaces.

5.3 Description

Here you can add your tag description. This field is completely optional, and you can display it on the front-end if you want to.

5.4 Click Add new Tag

Just click the Add new tag button when you are ready.

6. Your new tag

Congratulations! You just created a tag! Well done! Your tag should appear at the top of the list of current tags.

To add a tag to your product, please refer to the tags section in our “WooCommerce Simple Product” guide.

Updated on 5th March 2019

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