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WooCommerce Variable Product

1. Select Variable Product

To begin with, select Variable product in the Product data select.

2.General, Inventory, Shipping and Linked Products

These remain the same as on Simple products, please refer to our Guide here

3. Attributes

Select the Attributes tab on the left side. We have a guide just about Attributes here

3.1 Select the chosen attribute

The attribute you select here will be later on created as variations.

3.2 Click “Add”

Click the Add button to add the attribute.

3.3 Select Individual Terms

Click on the Select terms field to individually select the terms you want to add. Or…

3.4 Select All

The Select All button allows you to select all values with a single click!

3.5 The variations check box

Make sure to check the Used for variations box as it is what will allow us to convert these attributes into variations.

3.6 Save attributes

Click on the Save attributes button once you have finished adding all the attributes and their values.

4. Click on “Variations”

Click on the Variations tab.

4.1 Add variation

To add all your attributes to the variations tab, simply select Create variations from all attributes in the select menu as shown above.

4.2 Click “Go”

Make sure to click the Go button after selecting.

4.3 Browser Pop-up

Your browser may show you a pop-up, asking you to confirm your action.

4.4 Editing a variation

To edit a variation, simply click next to it’s name as shown.

4.5 Thumbnail

Click on the image icon to add an image to your variation. More on adding images to your wordpress website here

4.6 SKU

You can add a custom SKU to your variation here. This field is NOT mandatory.

4.7 Enabled, Downloadable, Virtual & Stock

This set of check boxes allows you to choose whether your variation is Enabled ( if it will show up on the product page ), downloadable and virtual. Checking the Manage Stock box allows you to input stock details such as the amount of stock there is, etc.

4.8 Regular Price

This field allows you to enter the regular price for your variation. Please just use numbers. Do not use any currency symbols.

4.9 Sale Price & Schedule

This field allows you to set the price of your variation when it is on sale. The Schedule link will give you the opportunity to select when this variation will be on sale.

4.10 Stock Status

This field gives you the ability to set your variation as In Stock, Out of Stock or on Backorder.

4.11 Weight

Use this field to set the weight of the variation.

4.12 Dimensions

Use these set of fields to enter the dimensions of the variation.

4.13 Shipping Class

Use this field to select the shipping class you want to assign to this variation. The default value is Sameas parent, meaning this variation will use the shipping class assigned in the Shipping tab. More on Shipping Classes here

4.14 Tax Class

Use this field to select the tax class for this variation. The default value is Same as parent meaning that the tax class will be the same as the one set in the General tab.

4.15 Description

Use this field to briefly describe the variation.

4.16 Save Changes

Make sure to click the Save changes button when you are done setting up your variations.

5. Next Steps

For what to do next, please refer to our Simple Product Guide

Updated on 4th March 2019

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