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The Brief

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    Research & Discovery

    Your website begins with a thorough, up-front process of discovery. We will request a meeting, preferably in person but if not we can do this over the phone. We will ask all the questions we will need to uncover the truth about why you need a new website and exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve.

Website Sitemap

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    Planning the pages

    Once we have all the information we need in order to begin, we will plan and build you a visual sitemap. This will help us to all get on the same page very quickly about what it is we’re trying to create and the best way to structure your information for your website.

Website Prototype

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    Laying the foundation

    We will now begin to wireframe your website so you have a visual understanding of the layout and the website functionality. At this point we will build a completely interactive prototype of your website in the browser to show you how our solution will work and the structure of the final outcome will be. At this stage we will have no design implemented at this time so its not very pretty, but it gets us close real quick. In the prototype we will layout some dummy images and dummy text so you will have an idea of placement and any requirements. This is extremley helpful for content planning along with any additional information we will require from yourself at this point.


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    Logo Design & Branding (*Optional)

    We will brand your business for design appeal & industry relation. Your logo & branding will be completely unique and hand made (no templates will be harmed or touched in the making of your logos 😉 . We will additionally look at fonts and colour schemes to set your branding profile.
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    Web Design

    This is where all the fun starts! We will now build you a bespoke design based on your branding, colours, functionality requirements, and the best usability practices. Your design will be unique to your company and setup for maximum leads & conversions. Your website will consist of a combination of convention and creativity to make sure that your visitors can find the content they need and enquire about your services.

The Build

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    Website Development

    Now its time for us to put everything together and let the magic begin! We will now go underground for a couple of weeks and develop your design into a completely functional framework. We will create your your website with all of the bells and whistles to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Going Live!

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    Quality Control & Testing

    We will now go through the website we have completed and compress any files, code and images in the website to improve the website speed. Next We will test the site for any human errors, test all functions, page by page across the website to ensure it works as intended. We then will test the website on all modern browsers and devices to ensure everything is perfect.

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    Project Completion

    We are now ready to tock and roll! We will schedule the website to go live!

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