The top 40 Checklist We Use When Launching A New Website

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Planning The Launch Of Your Website?

For launching a new website when it comes to WordPress websites, at Design Box Media, we follow a meticulous process. Find out more about our top 40 checklist that we use to ensure everything goes well below…

Let’s Begin

  • 1. Determine your goals. What are the objectives the website is aiming to achieve?
  • 2. What offer are you going to include with the launch?
  • 3. No doubt, you expect the launch to be big. It is a good idea to contact your merchant account provider to warn them that you will be expecting a large number of sales.
  • 4. Are you going to offer a payment plan? This is something that needs to be considered for higher priced services or products.
  • 5. Make it interesting and fun.
  • 6. Set a date and time for your launch.
  • 7. Clear your schedule in the lead up to the launch and create margin.


Pre-launch Website Checklist

  • 8. Now, you’re into the pre-launch section, which involves creating the campaign. All blog posts and emails should be mapped out.

  • 9. Craft a genesis story that evokes emotion.
  • 10. Create a sense of identity and belonging to your service and product.
  • 11. Ask your target consumer base if there is something they are interested in before you build it.
  • 12. Acknowledge and include any audience involvement so you can demonstrate their commitment.
  • 13. Release special pre-launch content to help you get some results in advance.
  • 14. Prepare additional marketing materials.
  • 15. Create the sales video or page.
  • 16. Do something original that is going to make you stand out from the rest.
  • 17. Review what is working so far.

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Mid-Launch Website Checklist

  • 18. Set up an order and checkout process.
  • 19. Put together a welcome email, and make sure you follow up.
  • 20. Get other people to review your sales page.
  • 21. Triple-check everything.
  • 22. Proof and edit the sales page and get someone else to as well.
  • 23. Send everything – your email announcement and blog post – out.
  • 24. Post on social media.
  • 25. Update affiliates
  • 26. Update people regarding the launch feedback so far.
  • 27. Ask strategic partners for assistance with spreading the word.
  • 28. Listen to your feedback and respond – often the most important point of them all!

Website Post-Launch Checklist

  • 29. Now the launch is over, you should celebrate.
  • 30. Follow through with initial buyers.
  • 31. Create a survey.
  • 32. Smooth out any kinks.
  • 33. Wrap it up – remove bonuses and close carts.
  • 34. Over-deliver on value.
  • 35. Make the experience memorable.
  • 36. Automate feedback.
  • 37. Give your audience an update.
  • 38. Review.
  • 40. Plan ahead for your next launch.

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In conclusion:

So there you have it!

The 40-point checklist we use to guarantee launch success! We hope you took something useful from this blog to assist you in whatever way it has. If you’d like to learn a little more, or find out something interesting, then check out the blogs below!

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