The top 40 Checklist We Use When Launching A New Website

For launching a new website when it comes to WordPress websites, we follow a meticulous process. Find out more about our top 40 checklist that we use to ensure everything goes well below…

Planning the launch of a website

1. Determine your goals. What are the objectives the website is aiming to achieve?
2. What offer are you going to include with the launch?
3. No doubt, you expect the launch to be big. It is a good idea to contact your merchant account provider to warn them that you will be expecting a large number of sales.
4. Are you going to offer a payment plan? This is something that needs to be considered for higher priced services or products.
5. Make it interesting and fun.
6. Set a date and time for your launch.
7. Clear your schedule in the lead up to the launch and create margin.

Pre-launch Website Checklist

8. Now, you’re into the pre-launch section, which involves creating the campaign. All blog posts and emails should be mapped out.
9. Craft a genesis story that evokes emotion.
10. Create a sense of identity and belonging to your service and product.
11. Ask your target consumer base if there is something they are interested in before you build it.
12. Acknowledge and include any audience involvement so you can demonstrate their commitment.
13. Release special pre-launch content to help you get some results in advance.
14. Prepare additional marketing materials.
15. Create the sales video or page.
16. Do something original that is going to make you stand out from the rest.
17. Review what is working so far.

Mid-launch Website Checklist

18. Set up an order and checkout process.
19. Put together a welcome email, and make sure you follow up.
20. Get other people to review your sales page.
21. Triple-check everything.
22. Proof and edit the sales page and get someone else to as well.
23. Send everything – your email announcement and blog post – out.
24. Post on social media.
25. Update affiliates
26. Update people regarding the launch feedback so far.
27. Ask strategic partners for assistance with spreading the word.
28. Listen to your feedback and respond – often the most important point of them all!

Website Post-Launch Checklist

29. Now the launch is over, you should celebrate.
30. Follow through with initial buyers.
31. Create a survey.
32. Smooth out any kinks.
33. Wrap it up – remove bonuses and close carts.
34. Over-deliver on value.
35. Make the experience memorable.
36. Automate feedback.
37. Give your audience an update.
38. Review.
39. Improve.
40. Plan ahead for your next launch.

So there you have it; the 40-point checklist we use to guarantee launch success! Contact us at Design Box Media for more website design and launch advice.

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