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Our new brand

That’s right, we’ve gone and done it. We’ve created a new brand identity. A completely reimagined look for our company. We believe this is the most significant jump we have made for our brand and we couldn’t be more excited to tell you all about what we’ve been up to… It’s been four years, and we have decided to rebrand as an agency to increase awareness of our brand further.

Going through different iterations of the project, we can recall the idea of a rebrand officially started back in March 2020, at the time talks of an office move were being proposed, to make space for our growing team. Unfortunately, Coronavirus seemed to halt a lot of our initial progress as we doubled down our focus to help our clients through these difficult times. Naturally, the rebrand was a little stop-start in the early stages, where our focus was less about finding time to put back into ourselves, and more about aligning ourselves to our client’s goals and survival.

We focused on the integral ideas of what Design Box Media means to us and our long term goals. Many companies around us can switch up their look because of being reactive in this market, we’ve seen agencies rebrand almost instantly to help them keep up with the times, which is not a bad thing on paper.

We wanted to dig deep and come up with a visual identity and brand personality which would reflect who we are now. Although a quick fix could have been more cost effective, no expense had been left behind. We wanted to focus our thoughts on how we can stay ahead, from internal processes to our impact on the environment, and in the process show that we are more relevant than ever before.

Researching into branding that works well
In the very early stages we researched into brands that have undergone this process, and identified who did it well.

In July 2020 we welcomed back Marc Baker who is our Senior Designer. Marc has worked with many brands including Monitor Audio, Bulb, Zoopla and more. Marc was the latest addition to our Design team back in July, as we were preparing to embark on a complete company rebrand. Marc gained sufficient experience knowing exactly what goes into a rebrand when starting out, as these sorts of projects can naturally take many twists and turns. We needed someone to oversee the process and manage the teams inputs and research collectively. “We were very excited at the idea to work with Marc again, where he had previously worked with us five years ago” said Thomas Amos.

On re-joining the Design Box team, Marc had this to say…

“I was delighted to be given the opportunity to come back to Design Box Media. What was meant to be a 4-week contract turned into a new role being created for me. No matter if I was working for another company or studio, Tom would have me drop by from time to time for a catch-up. Even though some time had passed since we last worked together, I would always make remarks about coming back one day and working with Tom again. We’ve achieved so much in what feels like little time and to be heading up a team and moving forwards with our ever-growing client base, we are really excited to roll out this new rebrand, and the next chapter for Design Box.”

Moving office

As the rebrand was starting to take shape, there was the other big news of an office move across the road to a much larger premises. This created more work for our team, and naturally, the excitement started to build as the rest of the team started putting together a much wider plan of how we want our new office to feel. As the ideas accumulated, one thing was essential to Design Box Media’s growth: the culture. Once the office had been refitted for purpose, culture was at the heart of everything important to creating a workspace that everyone can enjoy and look after. The intake of a new state of the art coffee machine was to the delight of everyone’s mood as there are eight coffee options to choose from, and every kind of tea you can imagine under the sun is stocked up in our new space. Not only will our staff enjoy these hot beverages, but it’s also our clients and partners who we can’t wait to welcome into our new space, and take a coffee from our own freshly roasted beans.

A new break out area means the team has more space to enjoy the things they love. A favourite between everyone is that our Google Foosball table made the journey over to our new office and has brought a lot of new competition to the fold, as everyone clambers together to try and compete for the glory! The new Design Box meeting room boasts space and entertainment options, as well as the chance to pitch and present wonderful high definition concepts to our clients.

As lockdown reigned in tighter on our abilities to be able to have everyone in the same place at one time, the team had to shift gears and be able to access vital communication points when working from home, which had us introduce a new booking system for our clients to meet with our team on an appointment basis. So zooming aside, we also had a handy delivery from our communications partners with brand new phone systems setup. We want to thank our partners Wildfire Phones and Wildfire Energy for helping us to source a green energy supplier for our new office space as we strive forwards to be a complete Eco-Friendly company, putting back in what we take out.

Going Green!

On the topic of being Eco Friendly, we partnered with Ecologi. One of the many ways we’ve sought to improve on our own practices is implementing an entirely new hosting infrastructure. With more updates including improvements and reliability we are proud to offer Google Cloud to our clients. One of the many reasons we are making good positive changes is all to help the ecosystem.

It’s now common knowledge that one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5C is to plant trees. They are also crucial to preventing ecological collapse. We feel encouraged that more work now than ever is being done to tackle this crisis.

New additions to the team

We brought in two new faces to the company as we welcomed Dan Boyden, our Junior Apprentice in Web Development and Support. And we said hello to SEO Executive – Joe Turbin. Joe arrived in August and spent the first month doing research on our existing clients. He then implemented SEO techniques across key pages on the site, making sure the content is plentiful where necessary, keywords are properly inserted and spaced and more. Since then, this client (Firework Crazy) have had a significant increase in rankings, making them have a lot more presence in Google Search Engines.

Rankings increase for Firework Crazy

Speaking about joining the Design Box team, Joe had this to say…

“I’ve really enjoyed my time at Design Box since joining. When I first joined, I was incredibly eager to get to work after a difficult start to 2020. Since then, I feel like I have thoroughly progressed as an SEO expert and have made some great friends along the way. I truly feel like an integral part of a family, ready to play a part in our clients’ success and subsequently, Design Box’s success.”

We are delighted with the changes made to Design Box over the past six-twelve months but we are a long way off being finished yet. We can’t wait to reveal plenty more exciting improvements to you in the latter part of 2021… Stay tuned..

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