Our New Client Marketing Dashboard

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Our new Client marketing dashboard

Do you ever feel like you struggle to keep track of your online marketing and get lost on the many different platforms? To make things simple for our clients, at Design Box Media we’ve created a brand new, fully customisable marketing dashboard displaying over 30 marketing integrations including SEO, PPC, Social Media and many more. Our new dashboard sends automatic monthly reports to our clients for any chosen integration. We will be offering this service completely free of charge to our existing marketing clients and will provide them with their personally dedicated login.

Our main goal is to be transparent and completely honest with our clients, giving them the same access we have to their marketing statistics. We also want to ensure our clients understand their online marketing, our new dashboard breaks down all the components of online marketing into a number of sections with easy to read pie charts, graphs and statistics with an extremely easy to use interface.

What Exactly does our dashboard include?


  • View your rankings for all your keywords in a both Google and Bing and the live changes of these rankings.
  • See all of the backlinks to your site along with their trust flow score and citation flow score. You can also find out if your site has any new links, lost links and if these links are follow or nofollow.
  • Keep track of your competition by being able to add up to ten competitors.
  • Run site audits to keep up to date with any errors, warnings and notices.
  • See which pages and keywords gain the most traffic to your site.


  • View how many sessions your site has and if these sessions are gained from organic search, direct, paid search, social or referrals.
  • Gain information on the average time of each session, the percentage of how many of these sessions are new and the average bounce rate.
  • Take a look at your who’s interacting with your business, our new dashboard displays where your audience is (worldwide), their age, gender and the device they use.
  • Your conversions.
  • Which pages get the most traffic and which are the most popular pages to exit your site on.


  • Our dashboard integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and Google+.
  • See how much engagement your social media receives, including likes, shares and comments.
  • Where your engagement is coming from; showing the top countries, cities and languages interested in your business.
  • Who is engaging in your social media; find out the age and gender of your audience.
  • See how much of your engagement is organic compared to being paid for.


  • View all your adverts in one place, keeping track of all your campaigns, ad groups, ads and conversions.
  • We can integrate your dashboard with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Ad Roll.
  • See how much you’ve spent overall on adverts, how much you’re paying per conversion and how much you’re paying per click.
  • Find out which campaigns, ad groups and adverts are the most successful.


  • Keep track of email campaigns, how many emails have been sent and how many have been opened.
  • View the percentage of recipients who have opened your email and the average bounce rate.
  • See how many people have unsubscribed from that particular email.
  • View the date and time of every email campaign you have sent.


  • Receive a monthly report on a specific date straight to your chosen email inbox.
  • Reports include updates on every component that is featured on your custom dashboard.

Each of our marketing clients will be able to have their own personal log in, giving you exclusive access to your own personal custom dashboard. All of these features can be viewed in a monthly, weekly, daily or custom basis, allowing you to see your statistics in a specific timeline if needed. For example, you can view your spend on Google Adwords throughout the month, week or specific day.

Our new dashboard is nearly ready to launch, coming to all of our marketing clients in August. If you have any questions or are interested in gaining access to our dashboard by becoming one of our marketing clients, feel free to contact us.


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