Founded as a Sovereign Principality

When Sealand first come to Design box they where known via press, where they officially stand as a micronation, however the products they offer were no where to be seen on Google. All of their revenue was generating from the website name Sealand itself. Since we have worked on the search engine optimisation they are now in the top positions for all of the keywords we have worked on.


Increase in online sales

(2020 - 2021)

Gaining huge traction

Since Sealand's digital marketing campaign started in February 2018 there has been a continued growth in sales, website traffic, and rankings in the search engines. Just in the last year there has been an increase of website sales by 85%. This has been achieved through a combination of our ongoing SEO services to help them get up in the search engines, Google ads PPC campaigns, facebook ad campaigns and email marketing.

Combination of digital marketing strategies

We put together a bespoke marketing campaign for Sealand to ensure that no stone was left unturned. Using a combination of marketing strategies we could ensure that the performance was maximised using each service to work with the next. From Facebook Ad campaigns to gain awareness and traffic to the website, retargeting ads to bring visitors back visitors to the website, abandon cart email campaigns to reduce any lost sales, ongoing SEO strategies to increase relative traffic and rankings in search engines, Google ad management services to ensure a guaranteed return to the business and much more. All of these services combined guaranteed a successful year and fantastic return.



In Website Traffic

(2020 - 2021)

What our team did for Sealand Website.

The Project Brief

We were tasked by Sealand to take over their website with a fresh, modern and professional approach. A major leap from their previous website was needed to cater for their large online presence and constant growth. Sealand wished to create a brand-new experience for Sealand fans across the world; one that would highlight the Principality of Sealand’s history and showcase unseen footage and information that was previously unavailable to the public.

Our Process

The visitor’s complete journey thorough out the website was of the most importance, our design team worked on making the website an enjoyable experience, whilst providing users with an abundance of information.

We provided solutions to all areas of the brief, starting with mapping out each page with a Wireframe, allowing us to make many aesthetic alterations and break away from the original design.

Sealand mobile site

The Outcome

The Sealand redesign uses a harmonious balance of images and content to display better than ever. We thought of ways to keep users engaged and provide them with routes to explore further into the rich history of Sealand. The site was made easy to navigate, helping customers use the site quickly and efficiently.

Since Sealand first enquired about our services their sales increased by over 300% within the first year of our collaboration with continued improvements every year there after through our ongoing marketing solutions. 

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