Many Benefits Of Blogging For Business

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Benefits of blogging for business

Online marketing has become a lot more complex over the last ten years. It used to be the case that a quick assessment of keywords and some well-placed links could boost a website’s profile almost overnight.

These days, successful online marketing requires expert attention to a range of critical areas. This ranges from flawless web design to mobile-friendly content – and it’s anything but straightforward to implement.

But you may be surprised to learn just how big a difference something as small as a blog can make. Here are three surprising benefits of blogging for business.

Blogs boost inbound links by over 90%

Everyone knows that good quality content drives readership on the web. A constant need to stay relevant comes with a high demand to supply useful links.

A useful blog about your area of expertise will get other sites lining up to promote your content. That means swathes of potential customers too. Blogs are always working for you, and unlike conventional advertising the only real expenditure is time. It’s a no brainer to harness their potential.

Drives traffic to your website

New content is the key to a successful website. Whether it’s new visitors or returning ones, there needs to be something that makes people want to visit your site and engage with you as an organization.

The more interesting, creative, and engaging information they find on your site about who you are will make them trust in what products/services you’re offering.

Blogging provides you with the opportunity to create a blog post that can be shared on social media platforms which is another source of traffic for your website.

This way, when people share your content they are exposing it to their networks of friends which could potentially lead them back to your business or website for more information about what you offer.

Blogging in this way is important because every time someone reads and shares one of our posts we have an opportunity at getting exposure from potential new customers who may not know about us yet!

Fresh, rich and consistent content will improve SEO performance

A well-maintained blog is a great way to find new clients and customers. Search engines prefer websites with fresh content, so regularly adding quality pages will create more opportunity for you to show up in the SERPs (search engine result pages).

This doesn’t even take into account creating specific blog posts to rank for particular keywords that have a respectable monthly search volume. Eventually, having these regular blog posts can result in more traffic to your site; this means that some of those visitors might just turn into conversions.

Regularly updating previous blog entries also contributes to positive performance in SERPs. Google loves websites that frequently update old content as well as creating new content. This boosts the trust score of a website and in turns helps to rank better.

Blogs boost B2B leads by over 50%

It’s estimated that blogs can generate up to around 70% more leads for businesses promoting services to other businesses. This is easy to believe for anyone that’s searched for answers about their areas of work on the web.

One of the most trusted sources of information at the moment is the blog. If you can stay relevant and keep answering those evergreen questions in your content, you stand a great chance of being more visible to other businesses.

Prioritising blogging boosts positive ROI

It can take some serious effort (current figures suggest that it takes more than 50 posts before Google starts to index you) but it has been shown that blogging can improve chances of positive ROI on a marketing campaign by more than 10%.

It’s perhaps no surprise that blogging can help to get you found online, but these figures suggest it’s still a driving force in online marketing. So there you have it – blogging might seem like one of the more old-fashioned online considerations, but it remains as relevant as ever.

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