How User-Friendly Is Your Website?

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Is my website user friendly? When was the last time you visited your website and tried to see it as a customer would? What makes a website user-friendly?

Accessing your site from the perspective of a potential client rather than as a site owner can frequently reveal that your perception of what you’re offering is markedly (and perhaps disappointingly) different from the reality of what customers discover when they land on your homepage.

Here are four common errors that can result in consumers going elsewhere. With just a little website tweaking, these consumers could be giving you their business. So how user-friendly is your website?

Poor content

Today’s content not only has to be more entertaining and engaging than ever, there’s also a need to mix things up by uploading videos and other entertainment to satisfy shoppers’ growing need for immediate, effortless access to the information they want.

If you’re not sure how to do this, professional web design can provide the solutions you need for user-friendly websites

Unclear calls to action

Is it immediately obvious to online visitors what they need to do in order to get further information? Do they leave their details or purchase your products?

Quickly identifiable calls to action are critical to guide customers into the behaviours you want to see more of.

Mobile-unfriendly design

When you access your site from the small screen, does it still give access to all the important bits and pieces?

With a growing number of users accessing the net through their internet-enabled mobiles or tablets, a responsive site is also vital in displaying what makes a website user friendly.

To find out if it is mobile-friendly, take the first step and use Google’s free Mobile Site Tester tool to see if it can access your site at all now. If so – great! You’re in luck and won’t have to do much work here.

However if not currently accessible on mobile devices there are some simple things you can do for free with help from web-based builders like Hootsuite that allow users to easily create their own responsive versions of websites without any coding knowledge needed.

No connection with social media

Making sure customers get access to the same information and updates no matter how they communicate with you is now a must-have prerequisite to online success.

Web designers can build in methods of ensuring all your modes of electronic communication interact seamlessly with each other.

The constantly evolving environment of website design is frequently difficult to navigate without skilled assistance.

So how user-friendly is your website? For many busy business owners; professional website design and maintenance is the most cost-effective and sustainable solution to the problem of ensuring that your online presence is optimised for maximum business success.

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