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How To Prepare Your Businesses Marketing For Christmas

christmas business marketing tips 2019

Is Your Business Ready For Christmas?

Christmas is coming FAST.

We all feel it, and we all know it’s coming. Once summer ends, Halloween and Christmas always take centre stage. As we’re all very well aware, Christmas is a big time for business each year (it’s why you’re reading this, right?).

Some businesses are preparing, and some are not; and so, we present: “how to prepare your business online for Christmas”.

Late To The Party?

If you haven’t started already, things may be a little harder than usual, simply because the ideal time to begin mapping out your Christmas strategy is in August. 

Ideally in August, you’d have begun an SEO, long-term plan (Search Engine Optimisation) and have had your website ranking up in Google by the time Christmas swang around. A new website isn’t an option either – leave that for the new year or spring – as a quality website will take much more than just a few months to construct, code, create, design, test, and all that malarkey.

However, don’t you concern yourself with missed opportunities, but instead let us focus on the possible actions you can take.

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Create A Newsletter

Creating a marketing campaign for Christmas is vital if you want to increase Christmas sales. Your business will thrive on returning customers, so focusing on your email lists is essential. Remarketing is essential at Christmas: people like building trust with the companies they purchase from. So, why don’t you construct a few new Christmas-themed emails, create an email list or use one you might already have, and get those emails flying!

Here’s a blog built entirely around this topic if you want to learn more: 

“10 reasons you need to start email marketing”

Get In The Christmas Spirit!

It sounds like an obvious one.

But honestly, getting into the Christmas spirit is the right direction if you want to rake in all that Christmas-rush euphoria. People love Christmas, that’s why they spend so much on it each year. 

Let’s put it this way: let’s imagine trickle treaters on Halloween as customers, and your house is, well, your company. It’s common knowledge that if you don’t have decorations on your home, the trickle treaters won’t come to your house.

This analogy is valid for business at Christmas too as customers will overlook your brand if you haven’t embraced the Christmas spirit as many bigger companies do each year perfectly. Yeah, you’ll get some sales, but to truly tap into that Christmas rush, you need to become apart of it. 

Add a little extra to your website this Christmas, decorate your shop, create a themed event, post Christmas social media posts: whatever you do, the Christmas possibilities are endless!

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Google Ads

You’re adamant you want to be in Google searches this Christmas, aren’t you?


Leave SEO for next year: start with Google Ads.

It’s an effective way to get your business in the search engine almost instantly. It’s also a  great remedy for a last-minute Christmas business plan, which is probably what you’re trying to concoct up now by reading this. The ads are fully customisable, can link to a phone number, your website, and more. This means you’ll be thrown straight to the top, if done correctly – almost right away!

This would be ideal for you and your business at Christmas, as you really don’t have time to implement strategies like SEO at this point in the year. So, if you still want to be apart of Google this Christmas, then Google Ads might suit you best.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

It’s easy to focus on Christmas so much that you forget about the other great holidays for business in the season. Hop in on the discount wave this Black Friday and Cyber Monday; or, consider merging my last few tips back in the blog with Black Friday & Cyber Monday in mind too.

For example, make an email campaign to target these holidays. Google ads too? Prepare some ads to put out when Black Friday comes round the corner!

Anything we’ve already mentioned, apply it to these holidays too. This is when most people buy their Christmas presents in preparation, and you sure would be sorry if you missed out on that.

Customise Christmas To Your Market

It’s easy telling you how to do this all; however, you have to take all advice, including this blog, lightly. Apply what tips suit your market best and ignore that which may detriment you in dangerous ways. 

For example, Google Ads may not be the best option for you in your industry at Christmas time, especially if your competition is plenty and your products are cheap. You may find yourself throwing your valuable money into Google Ads just to keep up with all your competition at Christmastime. You may even lose money.

Just do your market research, see how Christmas affects your particular industry and pick and mix whatever works best. You might be mistaken that Christmas means good business for every single sector, but you might even find yourself in an industry which might find little benefit from the Christmas rush.

In Conclusion,

In conclusion, the Christmas rush is a great time for business, including the smaller holidays that are included in the season like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, you need to find what works for your business, and if you want to catch the rush this year, then consider the faster options like email campaigns and Google Ads.

Whatever you do, at Design Box Media, we hope you’ll have a prosperous and merry Christmas this year.

If you don’t feel ready this year, don’t rush either: there’s always next year.

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