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Should Local Businesses Concentrate On Social Media Marketing?

Should Local Businesses Concentrate On Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing for local business is incredibly important. There have been many instances in the past and present where we have dealt with business owners (especially small business owners), that simply don’t believe they should be ‘doing’ social media marketing.

“It’s too time-intensive”, “it’s too broad”, “I don’t know where to begin”. These are just a handful of the reasons some SMEs give for not taking advantage of social media. These companies simply don’t see the value in engaging with their target demographic online – and it’s a real shame.

Social media marketing done properly should be a very effective digital marketing tool for all small businesses. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are not going away anytime soon. What initially started as a means of friends and family keeping in touch has since become a useful tool for many types of businesses for a number of reasons:


The modern consumer is nosy; they spend hours researching and comparing and very often seek recommendations from friends and family. That’s where social media gives local businesses a real opportunity to encourage customer feedback and testimonials. This adds real credibility to their products and services.


For those local firms in competitive markets, it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference to closing a deal or securing a greater share of the market – from user-friendly websites to strong, professional branding. Social media marketing also gives SMEs and start-ups the opportunity to build their own personality online, giving customers a reason to come back and build relationships. This could be nuggets of advice, a great competition or an exciting new product.

Social media is the perfect medium for engaging with your target audience.  It’s also a great way of creating ‘brand advocates’ who, in many ways, can become your very own virtual sales team!


Social media also gives start-ups and small businesses an opportunity to get on the radar of the leading brands within their industry. Don’t be afraid to engage with strong social influencers either. Popular bloggers are people customers rely on to provide independent, impartial advice.

Now more than ever, engaging the online community is the absolute cornerstone of social media success. Social Media’s a digital marketing tool like many others, but it’s entirely unique in how it grows a company’s visibility. It can also broaden reach to new and existing customers. But it will only work with a clear strategy, and that’s where we come in.

Our social media marketing packages are ideal for SMEs, with tracked social exposure through a combination of manpower and industry-leading software. Get in touch today to find out more.

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